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#MakeTheFuture Live 2018
Social Videos

#MakeTheFuture Live is an event hosted by Shell in London, every year. At Colloquial London, this was one of the videos I made promoting several talks, held at the events, on big data and energy efficiency in the future. This forms part of the larger  #makethefuture campaign on which I've worked for since 2017.


#MakeTheFuture - Social GIFs

Working on the #MakeTheFuture campaign also involved myself and my line manager creating assets for the #MaketheFuture Tumblr page. These are some of the assets I created emphasizing Shell's sponsorship and endorsement of cleaner energy solutions. The #MakeTheFuture campaign's aim is to improve the public's knowledge and understanding of cleaner energy solutions, to achieve this, the style we used incorporates bold colours paired with geometric icons to make energy facts easily understandable.

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