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Jake Huddart

Hi there, I’m a Digital Designer based in Hong Kong. Currently working at Branding Records, my work covers motion graphics, UIUX design and branding. 




WeChat Articles and video design

Rossignol is a quality and heritage outdoor clothing brand. In the past few years they've delved more into the China market, the challenge being: How to translate a history of fine apparel making with their flare and unique attitude, all on a totally mobile platform?

To achieve this, I designed a range of articles that incorporated a rugged style (rough edges, graffiti and film grain) contrasted with clean edges and technical drawings.

Phemex Anniversary Website Design

Phemex is one of the most efficient trading platforms for cyrpto, worldwide. They approached Branding Records about a new campaign to launch their 2nd anniversary.

I was responsible for the site design and brand video production, it was a great project and look forward to seeing where Phemex goes.

Web Design + Brand Video

Fonus is a disruptive mobile provider with international reach and amazing service for frequent flyers. At Branding Records we were tasked with a brand re-design from logo to site design.

The new look feels polished and modern, the site and tone of voice: confident and disruptive. We changed the brand personality to reflect just how disruptive this brand is compared with traditional mobile service providers.

Gustaci Food Gallery
Web Design

Gustaci Pizzeria recently expanded into the grocery and culinary experience space. The Gustaci Food Gallery was born and needed a site that could go further than just fine groceries. To do this we worked with them to create a site that offers recipes, events and ideas for a lifestyle infused with the best imported produce. 

I worked on desktop and mobile web design for the site, creating an engaging that feels linked to the original company's site whilst offering something more.

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